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mouse feet
The feet of a mouse are extremely important in how smoothly the mouse performs. Even the most expensive mice come with poor quality feet that soon wear out or fall off. Count on replacing them every 8 months or so. Check before you buy a mouse that replacement feet are available. (Logitech does not sell replacement feet. You will need to find other sources.) If your mouse pad or mouse feet are dirty or worn, your mouse will not slide smoothly. This will destroy your ability to precisely control the mouse. Try cleaning both mouse and pad and replacing the feet with improved low-friction feet. Make sure you pry off the old feet and clean the mouse with isopropanol to get off any gunk or dirt before applying the new feet. When I replaced my feet, I was horrified to find how badly worn my old ones were. Some of the feet were worn totally off and even one of the hard plastic wells that holds the feet was worn flat. I could not believe the difference new feet made. The feet should stick out about 1.52 mm (0.06 in) from the bottom of the mouse. Feet are sometimes sold as mouse skates or mouse skatez. They often come free when you buy a mouse pad. Two sets cost only $7.50 USD and there is minimal shipping since they can send the feet as a letter. I can’t think of anything else that will improve the subjective experience of your machine for less than  $50.00 USD .

Also consider buying a premium low friction mouse pad. Surprisingly, feet quite different sizes and shapes from the factory originals seem to work fine too. You have to rely 100% on the glue, rather than the wells to hold them in place.

Another option is mouse tape, e.g. (XTracGear Eels) which amounts to oversize mouse feet. The advantages are:

If is a good a idea to keep a spare set of mouse feet ready in case your feet fall off or wear through.

The 3M textured mouse pad is particularly hard on feet.

Good mousefeet are hard, durable and slippery. It is of lesser importance they precisely fit your mouse. However, added thickness increases the distance of the sensor from the surface possibly interfering with reading.

The mousefeet from Hyperglide are thinner than from SlickSurf. The Hyperglide feet arrived quite quickly by post from Singapore. Both companies put a nice smooth edge on the feet with a polished surface. Both used a good quality adhesive. Hyperglide warned its feet may be incompatible with smooth or light mouse pads. They work just fine on my bumpy 3M light-colour pad. SlickSurf sent the wrong feet and ignored my emails. Very inexpensive. I guess they figured it was not worth the hassle for such a small purchase.

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