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Sometimes called electronic ink. A crisp black and white display scheme. It is used most notably in the Amazon Kindle. It has two big advanages for book readers.
  1. It works well in bright light.
  2. It gives high resolution.

It works by electrostatically moving black and white pigment particles.

In an eBook reader when you flip to the next page, the screen goes black and the new writing appears light gray. Then the screen goes light gray and the new writing appears black. It is mildly annoying. It takes a couple of seconds on a Kobo to repaint. I find this annoyingly long. It noticeably slows down your reading, since pages are small and you have to flip pages frequently. His puzzles me. I would think the charge distribution would change to the new writing patters and the new words would morph out of the old as the electrically charged black particles of ink for the writing migrated to the top and the white charged particles of ink for the background also migrated to the top. Most of the white ink particles would stay put. Maybe the Koko uses some other technology.

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