The Importance of Kyoto

We don’t let children play with life support systems in hospitals, yet we allow alcoholic dufuses to meddle with the life support systems of spaceship earth. The politicians don’t understand the science needed to deal with global warming.

There have been two mass extinctions in earth history; the Permian, 230 million years ago, was the worst, even worse that the KT event that spelled the end of the dinosaurs. 70% of all species were lost. It was caused by natural global warming when volcanoes released greenhouse gases.

Today, we are re-experiencing the same global warming conditions that triggered the Permian extinction, only this time they are man made.

We are losing 4 species per hour, a rate on the same scale as the Permian extinction.

Man has no ability to live without the support of other species. We are committing suicide and killing the family of life on earth along with us.

If you want to know more about this issue you can start with my essay on the Kyoto accord on my website at

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