Nature Punishes Greed

Nature punishes greed

Nature punishes greed.

When I was a boy, salmon were much more plentiful than now. In Campbell River you could easily catch a salmon within a minute using a willow troll.

If we had been to content to take the optimal number of salmon, the fish would still be plentiful. But we were greedy, everyone pushing and shoving and cheating to take a little more than his reasonable share. Nature punished us with dwindling stocks.

Similarly with trees. If we took the optimal number and left fringes by the streams, the forest soil would not erode and the forests would produce abundantly in perpetuity. But again we were greedy, thinking only of the short term. Nature punishes us with sickly trees that succumb to pine beetles.

Anyone with enough money for an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) thinks that gives them the right to pollute the air for everyone and to pump CO₂ into the atmosphere. It is their greed for status and convenience that is forcing four species an hour into extinction from the global warming effects.

Greed does not pay. Greed is a sin. Greed is foolish. Greed is sacrificing the future for the present. Greed is the fundamental principle of the BC Liberal Party.

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