Jean Chrétien Pledge To Africa Act

Bill C-56 is a Sham

Think back to the Paul Martin coronation when Bono heaped praise on Martin for all the wonderful things he was going to do to help AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) in Africa.

Martin proposed bill C-56 now called the Jean Chrétien Pledge To Africa Act to let third world countries buy cheap generic drugs. He sat back and basked in the applause of the world.

My friends and I in Results Canada did some digging into the bill and discovered it is a total sham, a complete fake, nothing but window dressing and pure hypocrisy.

We got suspicious when we noticed the patent drug lobby, a group not known for their big hearts, bragged they had helped draft the bill. Check the website.

We discovered four fatal flaws in the bill that made it almost useless.

Stephen Lewis, the UN (United Nations) high commissioner on AIDS in Africa confirmed our suspicions by raking the bill over the coals, especially the right of first refusal clause.

This clause give the patent drug companies the right to steal any deal from a generic drug company at the last minute, without compensation. What incentive is there then for a generic company to negotiate deals with third world governments?

Paul Martin is the ultimate hypocrite, trumpeting his good deeds that he never even intended to do. He deserves not another day in office.

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