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I’ll Work On Me

I’ll Work On Me : Jai Michael Josephs : from Open Up Your Vision

Darling you know I love you
But livin’ with you everyday
There’s times I feel so mad
I just want to shout
I put myself above you
And tell you how you should be
But there’s a better way for us
to work it out


I’ll work on me
And you work on you
That’s the only way I know
To keep love shining through and
I’ll keep working on me
No matter what you do
’Cause I don’t ever
Want to stop loving you

Sometimes I think you’re crazy
Puttin’ the blame on me
When nothing’s going like
You want it to go
Sometimes I get so lazy
And just want you to change
But that kind of change is never
Gonna help me grow


Sometimes you start crying
About all the hurt you feel
And I feel sad when I see you
In distress
And there is no denying
I’d rather see you smile
But I can’t bring you
Joy and happiness


I know it would be easy
If we got really free
To spend all of my days
being lovers with you
And that would really please me
But until then when we’re down
I’m gonna let you
be my teacher too


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