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Microsoft’s GUI (Graphic User Interface) bloatware for the home user. Microsoft laboured and produced an elephant that is slower and fatter that does little extra over Windows 95 except provide more dancing paperclip bloatware and USB (Universal Serial Bus) support. They had to resort to treachery to sell the turkey. If you install two Win98 machines on a LAN (Local Area Network), they won’t talk to the Win95 machines. If you install only one, it will. This tricks you into upgrading the entire LAN to Win98. Microsoft has a history of doing well on odd numbered releases and putting out dogs on the even. It has been replaced my Windows ME.
book cover recommend book⇒Windows 98 Annoyancesto book home
by David A. Karp 978-1-56592-417-8 paperback
publisher O’Reilly recommended
published 1998-10-30
Problems with Windows 98 and what you can do to ameliorate them.
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