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USB (Universal Serial Bus). A way of connecting several low speed peripherals to a PC (Personal Computer) in a daisy chain. Typical peripherals include keyboards, scanners, mice and digital cameras. It typically runs at 1 MBit/sec, roughly a tenth the speed of an Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network). It is rated to run at 12 MBits/sec and USB-2 in rated to run at 480 MBits/sec. The coming USB 3.0 is ten times faster still with transfers up to 3000 or 4000 MBits/sec. Intel is promoting a competing superfast technology based on optical cables called Light Peak.

jUSB handles USB.

JSR-80 javax.usb as the Java Community Process, was assigned the task of coming up with an official Java USB API (Application Programming Interface). The main class in javax.usb. UsbHostManager. The project appears to have been abandoned.

JMF supports USB webcams.

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