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A webcam is a low resolution video camera that can broadcast images to the web. Typically clients just repeatedly ask to view a jpg image that is a little different each time, at whatever rate they please. For heavy duty compression, you use hardware MPG3 or MPG4 compression and send using a JMF (Java Media Framework) stream at fixed frame per second rate. I have written a lightweight Webcam viewer called NetworkCam. Knute Johnson, who frequents the newgroup, has written a class for interfacing to webcams.

To interface a Webcam to Java you use JMF, JMF. Unfortunately many cameras don’t seem to work. I have only been able to get ones that support RGB (Red Green Blue) (not YUV (luminance and chrominance Vectors)) to work.

Webcams that Work with JMF

Webcams that Don’t Work with JMF

The strange thing is Java Media Studio does work with cameras that won’t work in JMF. They are doing somthing clever in Java Media Studio to make YUV work.

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