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VPN (Virtual Private Network). Using the public Internet to implement a private WAN (Wide Area Network). Encrypted protocols are used to prevent snooping by the intermediate nodes. Combined with Samba, it makes the files on your server look like an extra local drive. Samba runs on a non-Windows server and makes it look to a Windows client like a Windows file and print server. It is just like using a drive on another computer on the LAN (Local Area Network). You can use this to replace FTP.

VPN creates a virtual site-to-site encrypted link between two computers attached to the Internet, that behaves much like an IP (Internet Protocol) link between two computers over a LAN. They can use that link to communicate in any Internet protocol.

VPN uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)/TLS as the cryptographic layer.

OpenVPN tunnels traffic over UDP (User Datagram Protocol) port 5000. This means you must open up your firewall-router to let that traffic through. The TUN driver passes IP traffic and the TAP driver passes Ethernet traffic. You might use one or the other or both. The advantage of VPN is that it is invisible to hackers. Packets not properly encrypted are simply ignored.

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