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A typing Tutor is a computer program that helps you learn to touch type either DSK (Dvorak Standard Keyboard) or QWERTY. It can tell if you hit the correct key and how long it took you to hit it. It does not know, however, if you used the correct finger. It can then create drills to focus on your problem areas. I greatly improved my typing using an old DOS (Disk Operating System) typing tutor with an addictive game called Letter Invaders. It was not like the boring drills of most tutors. It was fun! I taught computer summer camp and was amazed at how my 7 year old charges could type anything with blinding speed and perfect accuracy, even hex code listings. They all learned with typing tutor programs, mostly Kriya’s DOS version. Mavis Beacon, one of the most famous typing tutor programs has been passed from company to company and now at version 16 is showing her age and is no longer recommended. There are scores of possible replacements you can find with a search engine or by looking at the typingtutors.com site that compares a number of them.
Chrome browser: has free educational add-ons to hone your typing skill
Dance Mat Typing: children’s typing games
Fun To Type: various children’s typing games
Peter’s Online Typing Course
Typing Web: online tutorial

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