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A service of Canada Post that lets you print postage on your laser printer. You go online, describe the weight and dimensions of your parcel, pay by credit card, then print an 21.59 × 27.94 cm (8½ × 11 in) Abobe PDF (Portable Document Format) document they give you with embedded bar codes. You cut it in half, stick the top 8.5 × 5.5 half in a labelope, a clear sticky-backed pouch, that you apply to your parcel. You need one big enough that lets the return address, address and bar code show through. I have heard you can get the right-sized labelopes free via your VentureOne account. I was not able to find them at any online stationers. You can’t fold the document, since all of it has to show. If you can’t find a suitable labelope, you can tape the shipping document securely to the parcel. You then drop it in a post box or drop it off at a post office if it is too big to fit in a letter box.
Picture Postage: custom Canadian postage stamps
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VentureOne: Canada Post online services

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