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Picture Postage
A service of Canada Post for individuals and small business to let you create custom-designed, self-adhesive, postage stamps that promote your business or impress your friends. These look just like the official stamps printed at Canadian Banknote mint and are legal postage.

For as little as $27.95 CAD you can buy a sheet of 21 domestic rate stamps. That is a premium of $0.74 CAD per stamp. There are volume discounts, which at 100 sheets, amount to a premium of $0.14 CAD per stamp. Last revised/verified: 2012-01-05. All you do is submit a digital picture, chose one of two frames and pay online or by cheque.

plain frame  silver frame  sample custom stamp

You can only upload *.jpg images. There is a 3D illusion that the picture is an image stuck in a holder, but it actually a flat stamp. You can edit your picture with an online Java Applet. To use it, you will need to install the JRE.

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