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scalable layouts
Java has a problem when Applets or applications are run on very small or very big screen, or very low resolution or very high resolution screens. The essential problem is Java is based around physical pixels. Ideally, applications should scale to maintain an acceptable viewing size. The layouts should rearrange and shrink, removing optional fields or labels and otherwise simplify in low-real estate situations and expand when screen real estate is abundant.
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PostScript was invented long before Java, yet supports resolution independence with a floating point API (Application Programming Interface) that is scaled to physical pixels. This lets you render the same image on a 640 × 479 screen or a 1024 dpi typsetter without modification. Even it has to bow to the physical pixel reality with font rendering hints and special rounding to pixel boundaries. At one point Java was about to adopt Bravo PostScript rendering, then the project faded away without explanation.

Problem Areas

What are the problem areas for autoscaling?


There are no totally satisfactory solutions, however, there are a number of band-aids. Karsten Lentzsch of JGoodies has done most of the research and documenting of the problem. Read his white papers and use his tools.

There are some techniques you can work with:


Learning More

Oracle’s Javadoc on getScreenSize class : available:
Oracle’s Javadoc on getScreenResolution class : available:

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