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Here are the two-letter abbreviations for Canadian Provinces. All postal codes in the given province must begin with one of the letters shown in the Postal Code Letter column. Clicking on the province name will take you to the official government site where you can learn about taxes, tourism etc.

Abbr Province Telphone Area Codes
Last revised/verified: 2012-09-04
Postal Code Letter
Last revised/verified: 2012-01-18
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Canada beaver, Mountie, beer, cold winters the whole country
ABAlberta 403 587 780 T Alberta oil, bigotry, Calgary stampede  
BCBritish Columbia 236 250 604 778 V British Columbia mild winters, left wing politics, skiing, boating, totem poles  
MBManitoba 204 431 R Manitoba mosquitoes, hellish winters  
NBNew Brunswick 506 E New Brunswick fully bilingual  
NLNewfoundland and Labrador 709 A Newfoundland/Labrador seal butchery, cod fishing, picturesque villages Sometimes erroneously NF.
NSNova Scotia 902 B Nova Scotia lobster
NTNorthwest Territories 867 X Northwest Territories mining  
NUNunavut 867 X Nunavut Inuit NU became official 2000-12-18.
ONOntario 226 249 289 343 365 416 437 519 613 647 705 807 905 K L M N P Ontario business, government  
PEPrince Edward Island 902 C Prince Edward Island Anne of Green Gables  
QCQuébec 418 438 450 514 579 581 819 873 G H J Québec Separatism, Francophone PQ still used by Anglophiles
SKSaskatchewan 306 639 S Saskatchewan wheat and potash, home of universal medical care  
YTYukon Territory 867 Y Yukon dog sled races YK is used by the locals.
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