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area code
A three digit prefix on a North American telephone number that indicates the state or province where the phone is located. Originally the middle digit was always 0 or 1 but now they can be any digit. Originally area codes did not overlap. Now, to avoid having to reassign area codes and have customers print new stationery and inform all their correspondents of the new phone number, new area codes over lap heavily used existing ones.

Toll free area codes include 800 866 877 880 881 882 888. Premium toll service is 900 (porn lines). 555 is reserved for directory service and dummy phone numbers used in movies.

Originally area codes were always displays in parentheses like this: (555) 555-1212.
Now they are often written with a separating dash like this: 555-555-1212.
Or without any punctuation at all in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) forms like this: 5555551212.

You can dial directory assistance for any area code at (xxx) 555-1212.

Originally you had to dial the area code only for long distance calls, but now, in many areas, you must use it for local calls as well.

In the USA, NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administrator for area codes) manages the numbering. Sometimes the name is shortened to NANP.

In Canada, CNA (Canadian Numbering Administration) manages it.

The Abundance computer language had an area code built-in data type with support for the USA, Canada, Sweden and India. There is nothing corresponding in Java or other languages that I know of.

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