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I have left this tombstone entry for historical interest.

A utility that completely automates uploading files to your website. It automatically detects which files have changed and uploads them with FTP (File Transfer Protocol). If you have several websites, it automatically uploads each in turn. It is fairly difficult to set up, but once it is going it is just one click to handle the updates. I recommend it. You may need help from an FTP guru to get it going, but thereafter, you should have no trouble. For smooth sailing, make sure your clock and your ISP (Internet Service Provider) ’s clock stay in sync. You still need a traditional FTP tool like FTP Voyager for diagnosing and fixing things when the automated process goes off the rails.

The author is no longer supporting the program.

Where Netload Squirrels Information

Netload puts a *.nlx text file in the directory where your local files are. It contains the names of the directories and files it has already uploaded, or files that appeared on the server by other channels, except ignored files, along with their dates and lengths. It is indented by directory level depth to make it easier to see the structure. This cache means Netload does not necessarily have to ask the server what it already has every time it uploads. There will be one such file for every website mirror, to track its upload status.

For efficiency reasons, it does not update this file as it uploads. It waits till it is done. Thus if anything goes wrong, it will be out of sync with reality and you manually need to request a server refresh, by deleting the *.nlx files.

When you upload a file it redates it to the time of the upload. It does not mark it with the time of the source file it is uploading! Most FTP utilities also do this idiotic thing because doing it properly is not part of the FTP protocol.

In C:\winnt or C:\Windows are several small netload.* configuration text files.

In Vista, these configuration files live in C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows\.

It sometimes refuses to create new directories. To get it started, you must do your initial upload with some other program that is capable of creating directories.

There is a bug in Netload. Make sure you delete the *.nlx files after any daylight savings change.

If Netload stalls, you can sometimes get it going again my minimising and unminimising.

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