JScrollPane : Java Glossary


Allows you to display part of a large JPanel and let the user scroll to see all over it. In AWT (Advanced Windowing Toolkit), you use ScrollPane and in Swing JScrollPane. There


Making Visible

Here is how to make the most recently written part of a JTextArea visible: Here is how to make a row of JTable visible in the scroll region:
// make part of a JTable visible in the scroll region.
// Must run on Swing thread.
final Rectangle r = jTable.getCellRect( rowIndex, colIndex, true );
if ( r != null )
   jTable.scrollRectToVisible( r );


Learning More

Oracle’s Javadoc on JScrollPane class : available:

Fighting over the Scroller

Any program that uses JScrollPane has a potential problem if it ever sets the position of the scroll using one of the techniques above. The user may also be trying to scroll at the same time. The program should defer to the user, e.g. if the user has recently moved the scroll, or is holding the thumb bar with mouse right now, defer the scroll move to later and ignore it entirely if there is another scroll setting. This logic properly belongs in JScrollPane. I wonder if anyone has ever tackled this problem or wants to. There might even be a way to introduce and enhanced JScrollPane into arbitrary programs unaware of the problem, with a L&F.

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