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to make Applet or application layout easier, you break a frame up into regions and compose each of them separately. Each region is called a JPanel. You add components in a JPanel directly to the JPanel, not via a contentPane. Each JPanel can have its own different LayoutManager. The AWT (Advanced Windowing Toolkit) equivalent of JPanel is JPanel when you want a container and Canvas when you want something to draw on.
If your JPanel layouts are mysteriously scrambled, make sure you did an appropriate jPanel.setLayout.

JPanel Borders

JPanels don’t usually have any visible bounding lines, though they can with code such

Using JPanel

JPanel as Canvas

Here is a how you extend JPanel to create a custom component that you draw on. Here is a slightly more complex example that does anti-aliasing. It draws an image like this:
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Learning More

Oracle’s Javadoc on JPanel class : available:

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