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A standard for Java componentware. It functions much like Microsoft’s Windows-specific Visual Basic pluggable components. The JavaBeans APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to develop reusable software components that end-users can then hook together using visual application builder tools, such as Inprise’s JBuilder, IBM (International Business Machines) ’s Visual Age, SunSoft’s Java Workshop and Symantec’s Visual Café. For example, Visual Café Pro has already created many smart components to give Delphi-like abilities to crank out SQL (Standard Query Language) database applications. JavaBeans have persistence (with serialised customised objects stored in *.ser pickle files), properties, events and methods that are exposed to the GUI (Graphic User Interface) designer. They also support introspection so that GUI builder tools can examine them to figure out what properties and methods they support.
Writing a Bean is easy. Usually beans are bundled up with their corresponding BeanInfo classes into jar files.

JavaBeans have a persistence mechanism similar to serialization, but uses a fluffy XML (extensible Markup Language) format and the PersistenceDelegate class.

Many companies are selling JavaBeans you can plug into your own custom applications. I have some I have written available free with source code. They handle prompting, data validation and generating error messages for data keyed. There are plain and dbaware components for dates, FormattedTextFields, phone numbers, provinces, postal codes, etc. you can download.


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Oracle’s Javadoc on PersistenceDelegate class : available:

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