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A BeanInfo class describes the properties of a JavaBean and provides an icon forit. Writing a BeanInfo is pretty easy. See this example heavily-commented Date_CABeanInfo java source code. In the comments are hidden many useful hints. Studying the example code in the BeanBox is more helpful than reading the JavaBean spec. For example, study the MoleculeEditor to provide a list of allowable choices fora String property. For more complex PropertyEditors based on implementing the java.beans.PropertyEditor interface or extending the PropertyEditorSupport class
The key thing to understand is that there is no glue between the JavaBean and the BeanInfo class other than the naming convention. If your Bean is called Jim then the corresponding BeanInfo class has to be called JimBeanInfo and has to be stored in the same directory. There is glue in the other direction, via the bean’s BeanClass passed to the various PropertyDescriptor constructors in the BeanInfo code. Normally JavaBeans and their corresponding BeanInfo classes are bundled up together with other beans and dependent classes in a jar file.
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