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AppVisor is a service of ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals). You can submit your PADs (Portable Application Descriptions) describing all the programs you have written free or trialware to and they make them available to all the PADSites who will display them in a pleasing way to the public, and help people find suitable programs, rate them etc.




List of AppVisor PADsites

The following is a list of sites who use the PADs submitted (or more accurately composed at) You will notice that only a small fraction of PADsites have converted over to PAD4 and AppVisor submission. Further, the total number of PADsites is dropping precipitously. It was a mistake to implement the new system without a lot of input from both developers and PADSite managers.

PAD Sites using AppVisor
Logo # Home Submit Notes
Appvisor1.AppvisorsubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor.
Cool-Computing2.CoolComputingsubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor.
DownloadFromUs3.DownloadFromUssubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor. They have not customised their site with a logo.
Lo4d4.Lo4dsubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor.
New-Download-net5.NewDownloadnetsubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor.
Orbit-CD6.OrbitCDsubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor.
RepositoryAppvisor7.RepositoryAppvisorsubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor.
Soft-Soft-Ru8.SoftSoftRusubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor.
SoftUdm49.SoftUdm4submitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor. They have not customised their site with a logo.
Update-Star10.UpdateStarsubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor.
Way-Softs11.WaySoftssubmitappvisorSubmit via AppVisor.

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