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PAD submission
PAD (Portable Application Description) files contain contact information about the author, details about a program for sale and its price. There are various ways of broadcasting them so that people looking for a program such yours can find them and use them to find your download site.
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PAD Creating Tips Hassle Sites Automated PAD Submitters
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Manual PAD Submission

PAD files are ordinary text XML (extensible Markup Language) files, so you can view, edit, create and generate them if you want. PAD files are accepted by many affiliate bureaus, free upload sites etc. RegNow was one of the first to adopt them. All submission sites use the PAD format to describe your shareware or freeware. ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) created the format.

Important PAD Submission Sites

Hassle Free PAD Submission Sites

PAD Submission Sites with Minor Hassle

Pad Submitting Tips

Normally you should only have to submit only once. The website will check your PAD periodically for any changes.

The submission sites often hassle you in a variety of ways. They want back links from your site to theirs. They want you to retype parts of the XML file. They want you to read weirdly twisted letters and prove you can type them accurately. They want you to set up accounts. They want you to give them your life history. Just pass them by. There are plenty of other sites who won’t hassle you that way. Some refuse to list free software. They hope to make commissions from companies like RegNow that handle accepting money. Some hope to make money displaying ads. They want more visitors to their site, hence the request for back links. The back links also help boost their Google rankings.

Sometimes you get emails from the submission sites complaining of syntax errors in your PADs (Portable Application Descriptions). Check them out with the online ASP PAD validator or with PADGen. If all looks fine, the problem is probably with the submission site polling timeouts. They have so many PADs to check each night they don’t wait very long for your server to the deliver them. This can result is a PAD not being available or having its tail end chopped off, which then looks like a syntax error.

PAD Submission Sites for Selling Software

The following are commercial services for selling shareware. They handle collecting money for you. You don’t just submit pads. You must register with them, then you set up your products for sale using pads to describe them.

PAD Submission Services

PAD submission services let you upload your updated PAD files and they will propagate them to the various vendors you have an account with. And each of them may or many not send you an email for each submission. It borders on a spam avalanche. You will want a special email account to deal with PAD files that you insert in your PAD files. That email address will be passed around, easily harvested by spammers. That account will attract more than its fair share of penis enlargement spam besides all the update notices from PAD sites.

Automated PAD Submitters

Submitting PADs is a very tedious business. The servers are very slow and you have to feed the PAD URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) in one at a time. The process can be automated, signing you up with accounts and submitting your stable of PADs. Submitting could be so simple if sites would accept a simple text file containing the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the various PAD files, one per line. But they seem to want to make the process as clumsy as possible. Do they want listings or don’t they?

Here are some programs I have found to submit for you:

I have tried out dozens of submitters and I have yet to find one that I could recommend. Mostly they consist merely of an outdated list of URLs and a stripped down browser that lets you visit each site and do the submission yourself completely manually. This is no help at all. You could do that with a list of URLs and an ordinary browser just as easily. That’s why I wrote the free Mini Pad Submitter. It is fully automatic, even if its list of sites is not that large.

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