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A standing gag in heterosexual comedy concerns a handsome gay person coming on to a fat, older heterosexual man. The stereotype is that a gay person is so starved for sex, they will accept anything with penis. The reality is the exact opposite. Because there are so many potential gay single partners eager to have sex, people become extremely picky. They tend to go after a type. The type is a very particular age, body weight, height, race, hair colour, degree of hairiness, facial hair, hairstyle, way of dressing, top/bottom… I even had a friend who was only interested in men wearing a certain shade of wine coloured shirt. Straight men have trouble understanding this selectivity. Most single men will have sex with almost any female who comes onto them. They imagine gays are the same.

Lesbians are more open to a variety of physical types. They are looking more for a certain psychological profile.

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