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As a gay liberationist, I don’t mind if you think being gay is wicked or a terrible affliction. I completely agree with you that unprotected sex is like playing Russian roulette.

I just don’t want you spitting at me on the street, beating me up, firing me or kicking me out of my apartment. I ask that you not make up or repeat lies about me and my fellow gays. I ask that you not try to interfere with the civil rights you and I both have as adult citizens have, such as the right to vote, marry the partner of my choice or serve my country. I ask merely for tolerance. In other words, mind your own business. Stop your depraved pubic fantasising about my sex life, or at least acknowledge to yourself these are your fantasies, with little basis in reality. They mean a lot more about you than me. My sex life does not concern you in the least. Butt out! You are not my mother and even my mother would never dream of being that presumptuous.

book cover recommend book⇒Who’s Your City?: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your Lifeto book home
by Richard Florida 978-0-465-01353-1 paperback
birth 1957 age:60 978-0-465-00352-5 hardcover
publisher Basic 978-0-465-01241-1 eBook
published 2008-03-10 978-1-4915-8368-5 audio
  B003L1ZWV2 kindle
The author points out that the cities most tolerant of gays, lesbians, minorities and young people are the ones where people are most creative and hence the most prosperous. This is common sense. Creative, intelligent people of every sexual persuasion and race will feel confined in an intolerant town and will find the means to move to a tolerant one, taking their exceptional skills with them. Their less skilled and less motivated brothers will stay put. In a tolerant society, everyone can blossom, not just a restricted few. So, obviously, you have more creativity in a tolerant society.
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