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aka tats. A body-decorating fad in the early part of the 21st century.

A tattoo on the lower back (tramp stamp) is a signal to others this person likes to be screwed. Shoulder tattoos are more popular with tops. Beware of foreign language tattoos unless you speak that language. You might be quite embarrassed to discover what the glyphs really mean.


Tattoos of the Future

In future, technology will make tattoos quite fun. For example:

The key thing to understand is tattoos are a passing fad. Eventually they will go out of fashion so that only low rank military people and street gangs continue to use them. Even before popularity drops that low, the sorts of designs considered fashionable will change. If you wore bell bottoms in the 70s, all you had to do was discard them and buy new pants. With tattoos, you are stuck.

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