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Rob Wade
Not to be confused with Roe V. Wade, Rob Wade is a tireless anti-gay propagandist on the Internet newsgroups. He collects anti-gay religious tracts disguised as science papers from likes of Paul Cameron, the defrocked psychologist. Wade’s goal is the elimination of all homosexuals from the planet.

He spams his diatribes on irrelevant newsgroups and uses phony followups to derail discussion of his posts. He adds a field to the newsgroup posting header called followup to. When you respond to his posts, instead of going where he originally posted, they go into a large assortment of irrelevant groups and to non-existent groups. This way your commentary is discarded from where it should go and spammed to where it does not belong, embarrassing you. In other words, he is using a dishonest trick to derail anyone debunking his posts. That treachery is indicative of his moral character and dishonesty.

My theory about what motives him is that he is a closeted gay who is fighting his own homosexual desires. He projects the internal struggle out on the world, trying to stop other people from not only expressing their homosexual desires, but from even having them. His rabid hate of gays is a reflection of his own inability to accept himself. He often talks as if homosexuality would sweep the nation if it were not violently opposed. He believes homosexual sex is inherently more pleasant for even nominally straight people.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
~ William Shakespear (1564-04-23 1616-04-23 age:52) Gertrude in Hamlet Act III scene ii

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