le plus grand Cabaret du Monde : Gay & Black Glossary


le plus Grand Cabaret du Monde

This is arguably the best live TV show ever. It is filmed in Lyon France, all in French without subtitles, or dubbing. However, the show it mostly visual so you don’t miss much. The sexuality of the show is very relaxed. You can’t tell who is gay, straight or bi and nobody cares. It like a big integrated party with people of all sexes, ages, colours and backgounds, a circus, an astounding magic show. There are are acres of muscular young men dancing, acrobating and entertaining in all manner of ways you have never seen before. It is sure to put a wide smile on your face. It always ends with a rousing song/dance number lead by be the bubbling host Patrick Sébastien in which everyone enthusiastically participates. Sébastien is so happy, is so in love with his guests. Just that contact with him will put you in a good mood for a week. The show has been running for 19 years I hope it lasts at least as long as I do. Watch for it on the French language channel TV5. It is a treat!

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