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penis girth
the US measures penis girth in inches, where the rest of the world use centimeters. Sometimes in specifying penis size, the circumference is also given as the second number e.g. 7" × "c. The trailing c means cut/circumcised. A trailing u means uncut/uncircumcised. According to the Durex condom company, the average circumference (girth) is 12.70 cm (5 in). (From my personal observations, I suspect some black guys weighted that average to the high side. I think it is closer to 10.79 cm (4¼ in) for white men.) According to the Durex condom company, you should measure the circumference at mid shaft. However, for practical concerns and bragging rights, it is best to take the widest point, without including parts that would never be used in penetration. You could use a sewing tape measure. Sometimes people specify the diameter at the widest point, especially when discussing dildos. Circumference is more precise than diameter when trying to estimate ease of penetration. However, diameter is easier to visualise. Then again, the larger circumference number sounds more impressive. You can interconvert diameter and circumference with the following formulas:

c = d * π / e;
d = c * e / π;

Where c is the circumference, d is the diameter, e is a measure of the eccentricity (off-roundness) of the penis and π (pi) is 3.14159. e would be 1.0 for a perfectly cylindrical penis and a little greater than one for the usual oval-triangular cross section penis. I have used the value of e = 1.05 in computing the following table. One inch is 2.54 cm. The finger measurement refers to the circumference of that many male fingers barely inserted into an anus. It is a very approximate measure. Here is how you interconvert.

Penis Girth Conversion Table
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
0.67 0.75 0.84 0.92 1.00 1.09 1.17 1.25 1.34 1.42 1.50 1.59 1.67 1.75 1.84 1.92 2.01 2.09 2.17 2.26 2.34 2.42 2.51 2.59 2.67
5.08 5.72 6.35 6.98 7.62 8.26 8.89 9.52 10.16 10.80 11.43 12.06 12.70 13.34 13.97 14.60 15.24 15.88 16.51 17.14 17.78 18.42 19.05 19.68 20.32
1.70 1.91 2.12 2.33 2.55 2.76 2.97 3.18 3.40 3.61 3.82 4.03 4.24 4.46 4.67 4.88 5.09 5.31 5.52 5.73 5.94 6.15 6.37 6.58 6.79
fingers 1         2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10½ 11
Female vaginas are designed in childbirth to stretch enough to accommodate a baby’s head. Thus they can usually accommodate any penis circumference. Male anuses are much less elastic. It is therefore more of an obsession for gay males to find a partner with a perfect fit of penis circumference and maximum anus stretch circumference.

Some people are fascinated by the head size. They want the circumference of the corona, measured at whatever angle it tilts.

Penis Envy

Those with thin penises can get quite a complex. They fail to understand that guys with thick ones miss out on a lot more sex than they do because of size. A penis too thin for maximum pleasure can still be accommodated. One too thick cannot. Further, guys with ones overly long have the perpetual frustration of not being able to push in all the way.

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