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memory foam mattress
Memory foam was originally developed by the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) space program in the 1970s to ease the pressure of G-forces on astronauts during space shuttle take offs, though it ended up never being used for that purpose (presumably because it is so heavy). A memory foam mattress is made of high density foam that cradles your body creating a firm but extremely soft supportive surface. They are sometimes used in steam baths in the public areas because they are easy to clean and resist infection with mites, bedbugs, lice etc. Further, they are all but indestructible. They are also hypo-allergenic.

You notice the comfort particularly on bony places like the heels, where the foam wraps up and supports the entire heel. It is not fluffy like a feather bed or a pillow. It is not yielding like an air bed. It is not solid like a padded massage table. High end bed stores will let you lay out on one to see what it is like. It is unlike anything else. If you have trouble with poor circulation with limbs falling asleep, then the cushioning will help avoid cutting off blood flow.

A new Optima Chinese-made mattress gives off a strong, unpleasant odour similar to wet latex paint. You will probably need to air it out for at least a week in a well-ventilated, unoccupied room. The fumes make you feel sick. The manufacturers should deal with this before shipping.

A four inch thick topper will cost much less than a full memory foam mattress and would be almost impossible to tell apart from the feel. The foam is incredibly heavy, nothing at all like ordinary foam. It might as well have been made of particle board from the point of view of weight. You will need two people to wrestle one into place.

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Tempurpedic: Swedish made premium foam mattresses

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