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kiss and tell
Based on centuries of absolute secrecy, in the gay world, it is considered unforgivable to kiss and tell. Originally, such loose lips could easily get somebody killed or ostracised. This may be why gay people were horrified at the women who betrayed president Clinton either by reporting details of sexual liasons or by making up stories of sexual encounters. Gays too were horrified at the way president Clinton was forced to discuss under oath details of his consensual sex life. Those are nobody’s business, much less state’s. In particular, Linda Tripp’s treachery was utterly unforgivable, betraying both her friend Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton purely for financial reward. May the face lift she was paid as part of her reward go weird like Michael Jackson’s.
The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.
~ Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1919-10-18 2000-09-28 age:80) Canada’s 15th Prime Minister

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