Jamaica : Gay & Black Glossary


Jamaica is one of the most homophobic countries on earth. Even the resorts such as Sandals refuse to cater to gay tourists. In recent years 13 gay rights leaders have been murdered. When the leader of J-Flag was murdered, people gathered to celebrate. Gareth Henry, a gay rights leader, fled to Canada to escape a similar fate. Ironically, Henry describes himself as highly religious. He does not seem to understand that gay Christians, like himself, suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Being gay in Jamaica is punishable by 10 years hard labour if the homophobes don’t kill them first. The usual image of Jamaicans is exceptionally laid back, but when it comes to homophobia, they are rabid fundamentalists. How could this be? Perhaps it is a legacy of British Colonialism imposing a prudish style of Christianity. Former British colonies in Africa have a similar problem.

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