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This is essay is about various proposals for new kinds of condoms. They don’t yet exist. I am HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) + so I must always use condoms to screw. I hate condoms. They make sex profoundly unsatisfying. I am circumcised and relatively insensitive which makes it even worse than it is for other men. I have an idea for a new type of condom that would restore perhaps 90% of the pleasure. I offer the idea to anyone with the resources to bring it to fruition. I just want to be able to buy a large supply of the end product.

The idea should work for both vaginal and anal sex. The proposed condoms would not be great for oral sex, but they would be a heck of a lot better than what we have now are.

The best the industry has come up with so far is the thinner Avanti polyurethane (plastic) condom. It is more impervious to oils and vaseline, but does not improve sensation all that much. The original version broke four times more frequently than the latex condom. It was replaced with a thicker version, that was stronger but more sensation-deadening.

How I Came Up With The Idea

As a teenager, I was very horny and was always creating new ways to masturbate. One trick I came up with was inserting a gelatin capsule into the urethra. The moisture in the urethra partly melts the capsule. The powder inside then seals the urethra. The precum forms ever increasing pressure, which generates a quite exciting sensation. When you come, the semen cannot escape. Your body just keeps ejaculating and ejaculating, attempting to empty the seminal vesicles, but it can’t since the urethra is plugged. The sensations are so intense they border on pain. You may even pass out.

You eventually have to yank the plug out to stop the ejaculation — too much of a Good Thing™. Sometimes it can be difficult to remove. The urethra can feel a little raw for a day or so afterward. Lord knows what it does to the poor ejaculatory muscles!

High Tech Condom Version 1

One version of the condom would work much like the gelatin capsule. You want something that guarantees a seal and that is easy and quick to remove once you have had enough ejaculation.

This is not quite as safe as a regular condom, but it protects the main entry point in the penis for HIV and it prevents both precum and semen from escaping, thus protecting the person being screwed, either vaginally or anally. In the long run, at least for circumcised males, it would save more lives because people would find fewer excuses not to use it.

High Tech Condom Version 2

Most people would find such a gelatin capsule-like device far too intense. So for sane people, how would their version of a high tech condom work? It would look like a regular condom, but very tiny. You would glue it onto the tip of the penis so that it just covered the urethra opening. The rest of the penis would be bare and fully able to enjoy the sensations. The mini-condom would act like a tiny balloon to collect both precum and semen. You could ejaculate normally since the balloon would provide only a little back pressure. The trick is to find a suitable glue that binds to both skin and latex (or whatever you make the balloon of), like crazy glue, without causing irritation.

The balloon could be quite thick and strong making it safe for repeated, rough anal sex. The thickness does little to detract from sensations since only the very tip of the penis is inside it. It should not be too hard to arrange that any bending of the balloon would be reflected internally to specifically stimulate the tip.

Getting the version 1 Condom On

You could put the condom on many hours before you needed it, unlike a regular condom. You would need good light to do it, to ensure the entire tip of the urethra were properly covered.

Getting the version 2 Condom Off

Pun Intended. For repeated ejaculations you could just leave the condom on. Unlike a regular condom, there is no danger of spilling the contents once you lose your erection. To pee, you would have to remove the condom. If it is glued on, how would you get it off? I had three ideas.
  1. Use some special chemical that dissolves the glue or dissolves the latex. You apply this far away from the anus or vagina you were screwing so there is no danger of spilling. This has to be non-irritating to skin.
  2. Snip the tip off with a pair of scissors, but leave the rim of the condom glued in place. In a few days the skin naturally sloughs off, dropping the rim with it.
  3. Use a more or less permanent rim mount glued to the tip of the penis. You attach or detach little balloons to that mounting rim.

Other Problems

For uncircumcised males there is considerable delicate skin normally covered by the prepuce that the mini-condom would not protect.

You must be very careful when gluing the condom on that it completely covers the urethral opening. Perhaps the condom could have a centering guide that fits into the urethra to ensure it is completely covered.

High Tech Condom Version 3

Yet another device would be a little inflatable bulb. You insert it, squeeze in a bulb-full of air and it inflates a bit and self-seals with a one-way valve. To remove the condom, you puncture the bulb with something similar to a semi-flexible bicycle pump pin.

IT may need small fins to help hold it in place.

It could have a short tube covering the very tip-end of the penis with a very thin flexible rounded plastic (about 1/2" in diameter, counting the tube) to avoid it getting pushed too far inside and also to prevent the penis from being injured during the bulb-puncturing. The thin plastic tip would act as an extra stimulation point for the partner.

The real drawback is what side-effects it might have with repeated use. Doubtless less severe side-effects than repeated bareback sex, however!


This may sound like a whacky idea, but there are millions of very horny people out in the world who can’t stand condoms. We would put up with almost any inconvenience or expense to be able to safely fuck our brains out with bareback sex. If you have any contacts with people who could realise this invention, please pass this web page onto them. If you want one of these condoms let the manufacturers (Trojan, Durex (Sheik/Avanti/Ramses), Titan, Mayer Labs (Kimono/Maxx) and LifeStyles) know.

I emailed the Lifestyles people. They said they were not interested. I snail mailed Durex and the mail came back undeliverable since the address on Durex condoms is incomplete. I emailed the Durex people as well. The emailed me back that "Whilst we have looked at this type of contraceptive device in the past and rejected it, we are always looking to see how we can adapt technology for new products.". They did not elaborate on why they rejected the idea.

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