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Stephen Harper  Harper, Stephen

The homophobic Prime Minister of Canada elected 2005-01-23. He is head of the Conservative party formerly known as the CRAP (Canadian Reform Alliance Party) and later CRCA (Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance). Gays usually use the old CRAP acronym for reasons that will soon be obvious.

Harper is a bigot, racist and a fascist extreme right winger who worships George Bush. His mentor is Brian Mulroney, the crookedest Prime Minister in Canadian history. He is bad news for Canada and Canadian gays in particular. Harper has spoken at homophobic hate rallies. He wants to remove the equal rights provisions gays enjoy in Canada, such as gay marriage. He has even been chatting up the idea of getting Canada involved in a war. If that were not enough, the Sierra club rated him an F on environmental issues, which is why business gave him so many campaign contributions.

He looks like a cherub, which fools people as to what a Nazi he is really.

Egale is working to organise gays to oppose him.

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