douching : Gay & Black Glossary


Cleaning out the rectum with water preparatory to anal sex. The disadvantages of douching include:
  1. It removes mucous from the anal lining. This makes it more susceptible to infection, especially HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus).
  2. Too much flow, too much heat or too frequent douching can irritate the bowel.
  3. It is of no use in safe sex. Douching after sex usually just pushes semen or blood further in.
  4. The bacteria in the rectum usually cause no problem for the inserting partner, especially if they use a condom.
  5. Unless you allow a couple of hours prior to sex for any water to drain, you can end up with an embarrassing flow of possibly dirty water.
  6. If you are overly vigourous, you will flush bacteria from the large intestine where they cause no trouble back into the small intesting, where they do.
The advantages of douching include:
  1. It eliminates embarrassing odour or mess.
  2. Some people will be quite offended if you do not.

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