discrimination : Gay & Black Glossary


treating a minority group in a different way from others, usually a worse way. To understand gay discrimination, first study other forms of discrimination, such as discrimination against blacks, first nations people, various waves of immigrants and women. If you live in an enlightened part of the world where bigots are rare, view films about slavery, the civil rights movement or the tribulations of immigrant populations. The big problem with gay discrimination is discriminating, belittling and bullying gays seems completely natural and bigots don’t even realise they are discriminating. You recognise it by its parallelism with other forms of bigotry.

Discrimination usually tries to enforce second class social status and sometimes segregation. Perhaps the most blatant example is the religious right’s insistance that allowing gays to marry is a special privilege, rather than just being granted the same rights as everyone else. Similarly the religious right refuses to acknowledge the unfairness of insisting that gays pay into pension funds at the same rate as married straights, but can’t withdraw from them on the death of a spouse the way straights can.

The arguments of the bigot never make much sense. They are usually of the form, group x are wicked; they all conform to some negative stereotype (asserted without evidence or by providing an anecdote about one such wicked person), therefore all should be denied some civil right en masse, without trial just by membership in the group, even when the alleged form of widespread wickedess is not even illegal.

In general bigots are people of low self esteem, aka losers, who can only get a sense of worth by lording it over others since they have no accompishments or contributions. Gay bigots are a usually gay themselves. They use their snarling opposition as a way to fight and camouflage internal desires.

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