circumcision : Gay & Black Glossary


The flap of skin covering the infant penis is cut off as a religious or health rite. This leaves a discontinuity in colouring on the shaft of the penis. Don’t confuse the edge of the glans (the mushroom like tip) with the circumcision scar. Uncut guys have a glans too, that you can see when the pull back the foreskin. For infants, circumcision is typically done without anaesthesia. Adults having the procedure say it is very painful. In some Islamic countries, females are also circumcised. The clitoris and labia are removed to ensure the female will not be tempted by sexual pleasure. It too is done without anaesthesia or antisepsis. As in male circumcision, the relatives hold the child down to stop them from struggling. It is possible to partially repair a circumcised penis.

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