Candida : Gay & Black Glossary



Candida is a parasitic yeast. It lives in the gut but can spread to the whole body. It has become endemic because of changes in the modern diet. All prepared foods contain sugar, which feeds the Candida. If you are infected, you will notice symptoms such as a white coated tongue, gas, constipation or diarrhoea. You may also notice fatigue. Even porn stars often have it. It is a bit of a turn off.

In women, it can invade the vagina and create malodour. Dealing with it there is a medical problem.

There are three basic methods to get rid of it from the mouth and gut:

  1. Reducing sugars and starches in your diet. Avoiding prepared foods and soft drinks.
  2. Nystatin rinse
  3. Probiotics

Probiotics work by flooding your gut with friendly bacteria, thus out-competing the Candida. You want tablets with 50 billion or so cells, and at least 10 different strains of friendly bacteria. Ideally they should be kept refrigerated and bought freshly. I have had success with RenewLife Ultimate Flora. Shop around. Sometimes, they are outrageously priced. If you buy them on the net, check for excessive shipping charges. As people become aware of probiotic benefits, I expect more suppliers and lower prices. For super whammy at $2.66 a dose, try VSL#3. It has 450 billion cells. You must keep it refrigerated. It works overnight.

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