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body fat
If it weren’t for gays, the gyms of the world would go out of business. One way of monitoring how you are doing objectively is to measure the percentage of your body that is body fat along with your weight. This is most easily done with a Tanita TBF-551 Body Fat monitor/scale that uses electrical resistance to measure your body fat and a computer to take a timed average of your body weight. Muscle offers more electrical resistance than fat. You have to measure the same way each time to get meaningful relative measurements. I found that wearing socks, wet feet, washing all the salt off your feet, weighing late in the day, dehydrating, or lying to the scale that you are taller than you really are all artificially depress the body fat reading. Even eating a bit of cheese is enough to vary results by 20%. The electrical conductivity method is not accurate enough to be useful. You also have to keep the surface of the scale squeaky clean for accurate readings. If you eat something salty, your weight will shoot up as you retain water to balance and your body fat reading will plummet. Models now also measure % body water.
  Healthy Body Fat Range
  Under 30 years old Over 30 years old
Males 14%-20% 17%-23%
Females 17%-24% 20%-27%

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