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Homosexuality has been observed in hundreds of species of animals. In giraffes homosexual encounters outnumber heterosexual ones 9:1.
book cover recommend book⇒Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversityto book home
by Dr. Bruce Bagemihl 978-0-312-25377-6 paperback
publisher Stonewall Inn 978-0-312-19239-6 hardcover
published 2000-04-10 978-1-4668-0927-7 eBook
  B00846WZ5A kindle
Throughout history, even scientists have been prudish about describing homosexual activity in animals. Astounding as it sounds, a number of scientists have actually argued that when a female bonobo wraps her legs around another female… while emitting screams of enjoyment, this is actually greeting behavior, or appeasement behavior… almost anything, it seems, besides pleasurable sexual behavior. He documents homosexual behaviour in 450 species, including whiptail lizards, bottlenose dolphins, flamingos, vampire bats, beetles, sheep, dogs, cats, orangutans, orcas and giraffes. Lions, elephants, penguins and greylag geese form pairings that last longer than heterosexual ones. One thing is clear, however: whilst homosexuality is commonplace in nature, homophobia is not. Even in species where heterosexual matings are often aggressively interrupted (for example by rivals or by dominant individuals) homosexual ones are usually ignored. Next time some bigot starts ranting about homosexuality being against nature etc. somebody should point out that it is they who are behaving unnaturally! Salon Review, Seattle Times Review
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