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Where Do You Get Your Info?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Where Do You Get Your Info? : name withdrawn : email withdrawn : 2010-06-08

I would just like to ask you one, simple question. Where do you get all of your so-called info from? How should a single person believe what you write or say, just as much as they should believe what the government tells them or the world? What actual facts and information do you have to back up half of these recycled claims you make? I”m not vet or anything, but you seem to blow things out of proportion. Sure, some of your stuff is on the dot and factual, but it’s also bat shit insane.

Follow the links embedded in the website articles. Read the recommended books. Unfortunately, many of the backing newspaper articles that the web pages used to link to are no longer online, so I had to remove the links. In particular, dozens of backing links to (the president’s official website) had to be removed because President Obama removed all the material pertaining to the 8 years of the Bush-41 administration. This war has been going on since 2003-03-20, so I am talking history now, not just current events. You have to read non-American sources to find out much besides America-as-boy-scout, patriotic, pro-war propaganda. Similarly, you would have learned little about Hitler’s dark side reading only German newspapers. I presume you have not yet read a single book on the Iraq war or looked at any source of information other than FOX TV news, or why my sources of information would be no mystery. It is a big world out there. It is somewhat arrogant to dismiss it all as bat shit insane before you even take a look.

Then there is Google. If you see something you doubt, you can Google it, and read all points of view on the topic. That is going to get you a more unbiased picture than just following any one person’s suggested links.

Wow, I feel rather Special now, since you put that as a article on your site. You have no permission to do that, so you can kindly take that down.

I can see why you are embarrassed to publicly stand behind your words. However, you did implicitly give me permission to publicly post your email. Writing to me is a bit like writing to the editor of newspaper. Every place my email address is posted I explain that emails are presumed to be for publication unless explicitly stated otherwise. I will remove your name and email address but I will leave the body of your work because the question you raised is of general interest.

Talking specifics, I can’t stand America in general, but would rather live somewhere else or have grown up in a better country, possibly Spain or what have you. You, in your old age and with all of the info you seem to try and back it up with, are as bias as the next person claims to not be.

I am far from neutral. I am passionately partisan. It is just that I am open to listening a wide range of voices, including the American right. I see part of my job as exposing sheltered Americans to views they would never hear lapping their own bathwater at FOX News.

As a whole, I am sorry that I was so unfortunate to have clicked on your link through a Google search.

Bell Telephone cannot argue with a closed mind. [obscure reference to comedy sketch from the 1960s]

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