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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Photoshopped Photos : Paul Sully : : 2006-02-08


dear you shameful, shameful wretch….,

here is a tip that might help make you website more popular: PUT SOMETHING IN IT THAT IS TRUTHFUL AND NOT SOME BULLSHIT YOU PULLED OUT OF YOUR ASS.

I did not pull this out of your ass If you clicked the links or read the books you would see everything is backed up. When I back things up with news stories, often the links go stale and I have to remove them. If you find something controversial I say that you don’t see the backup for, please ask and I will research a replacement. You could, of course, always use google yourself if you were interested in opening your eyes, rather than just looking for an excuse to ignore what I have to say.

I notice you offered not even a single piece of evidence to counter so much as one thing I said. You just blustered.

i like all your photoshopped and edited photos, especially the one of the baby that suffered from exposed to uranium.

You have lead a sheltered life if you think such photos could only come from PhotoShop. what is your evidence of tampering? You provided none.

seriously, you know thats fucking bullshit. stop the lies you liberal piece of shit. if you hate bush and this country so much, then leave, you hypocrite. we are doing a good thing by helping the iraqis. the vast majority of them are thankful for us overthrowing saddams regime which was indeed a threat to world peace.

The Iraqis I talked to were glad Saddam was gone but screamed in horror watching you bomb Baghdad. You Americans have butchered far more Iraqis than even Saddam did. Saddam was a threat to no one. He was utterly disarmed. The U.N. inspections and the later searches after the invasion proved it. He was a has-been. The only reason you invaded was Saddam was sitting on $13.5 trillion in oil and was too weak to defend it.

the only people over there who dont like us are brainwashed muslim radicals.

What a silly thing to say! Nobody likes being invaded. Imagine if Russia invaded the USA to help get rid of dictator. You might be glad of the help, but you would not want them to hang around and occupy your country.

so once again, stop the lies and bullshit because no one is gonna take you seriously.

You offered not a stick of evidence that even one thing I said was untrue. You just blustered. So whom is to be believed?


Let’s clear up my gender. I am male. Let’s also clear up my citizenship, Canadian. There is thus no reason earth for me to be loyal to Bush out of patriotism. There is no reason for you either, no more than for a Nazi to be loyal to Hitler. What you are doing in Iraq history will judge in the same harsh terms they judged the Nazis at Nuremberg.

You Failed to Provide Truthful Facts : Paul Sully : : 2007-02-10

the fact is, you also have failed to provide any truthful facts to back up any of your exaggerated claims. your whole website is based on rumors and liberal propaganda.

Much of my material is quoted directly from and You can’t get more right wing than that. You are dismissing all the world’s newspapers. You, it appears only believe something is true if Bush, Rush or Bill O’Reilly said it. You have offered no evidence to refute even a single thing I said, just blowhard handwaving.

I have taken from so it would appear as though you are in fact a hypocrite. and another thing, why dont you stop wasting your life protesting something that you will never be able to stop.

If a really huge nasty bugger were raping your daughter, would you give up trying to stop him just because you were not having much success?

we arent leaving iraq until the job is done, so get over it. and lastly, please tell me how much oil we have stolen from iraq, i would love to know.

Ironically, not very much. You got a lot more oil before the war. You Americans were buying half of Iraq’s output right up to the day of the invasion. (Russia, France and Germany split the other half.) The resistance have economics in their favour. It costs only a buck for a stick of dynamite and even less for an IED (Improvised Explosive Device), to blow up a pipeline, putting it out of commission for weeks and millions to repair it.

and if we are getting all this free oil then why are our fuel prices so high?

Because the war has shut down Iraq’s oil production. Shortages create higher prices, the old law of supply and demand.

you brainwashed liberal canadian twit,

Brainwashed people get all their information from one source. I get mind from thousands of sources. I suspect you get yours from only a handful. You are barely literate. That suggests the odds that you have read even a single non-fiction book in the last five years are extremely low. How could you possibly be well-informed? In other words, you have barely a clue what is really going on with the Iraq war.

we havent taken any oil from iraq, why dont you follow your own advice and get some evidence to back up your claims, idiot.

You have been trying very hard, but you have been outfoxed. Recall the first build the American invaders occupied and secured was the Iraqi oil ministry.

and another thing, how the hell can you say that we’ve killed more people in iraq then saddam did? do the kurds ring a bell?

There is only one peer reviewed statistic that came out of this war. It was the number of civilians you Americans killed in the early days of the war. It was 100,000 and published in Lancet. Further, you Americans killed according to Iraqis I talked to between 1 and 2 million people during the sanction bombings which sheltered folk like you have never heard of. Estimates of Saddam’s butchery, even from Bush, come nowhere near.

did you know that saddam tried to commit genocide on them?

And do you know who gave Saddam the poison gas on credit to do it? Rumsfeld! Altruism has bugger all to do with America’s motive for invading. The war can’t be about Saddam. He was captured in 2003. The war rages on. America will keep fighting until they control the oil fields and most importantly, the pipelines.

You are a moron. most of the people we have killed in a iraq were either terrorists or insurgents who are trying to destroy iraq internally and destroy their own people. get your facts strait bitch

Is your shift key broken? Please invest in a spell-checker. It is bitch preparing your error-ridden emails for publishing..

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