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hang on there momo

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

hang on there momo : Jeff : : 2007-06-04

and by mo mo i mean half mother fucker half homo. bush isnt even in the next election you r tard. it doesnt even look like a damned resume. all your facts are not straight and barely gives you a third of the real story. stop fucking complaining you little bitch. do something that actually makes a difference instead of annoying people with the same BULLSHIT we see every fucking day. way to waste you fucking brain power .… you dont have much to spare seems like. what a pathetic parody. so please dont quit your day job. just quit living. and to all the morons who read this and think that they will start a revolution by reposting your crap i say.… give me a break, i dont need to be served the same shit on a different plate. tell someone who cares cuz the people who use the Internet obviously DO NOT care because whoa guess what… WE HAVE ALL SEEN THIS SAME SHIT A THOUSAND DIFFERENT WAYS..… AND WE STILL DO NOTHING.

The Crab Thrower is one of the raincoast proverbs. The waves washed crabs up onto the beach where they perished in the hot sun. A black boy ran along the beach picking up the crabs, tossing them back into the water. A man said, "Why do you bother? There are millions of crabs? You can barely make a dint. The boy replied It matters to this crab!" as he tossed yet another.

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.
~ Mahatma Gandhi (1869-10-02 1948-01-30 age:78)

so please asshole, get it through you thick skull..… WE LIKE BUSH AND WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP HIM..… if you really give a shit, i think i mentioned this before… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, cuz wasting your life chewing your cabbage twice so to speak isnt worth a shit. neither is your career as a comedian. and if you dont like america… then LEAVE. oh wait your not even american you canadian fuck. CRY ABOUT IT AND THEN GET BACK TO ME WHEN U PAY FUCKING TAXES DICK HEAD. THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! you would never make it in america…… just look how far you got.… new york state and now im sending you back to where you came from. real intelligence should be kept a secret, like yours obviously still is.


When I was eight, I wrote more coherently than you. You clearly have not read a single book or watched a single documentary on Iraq or 2001-09-11. You have done no research. You have provided no backup for your opinions. All you have done is vent your generic spleen and tell me your gut feelings on what you wish were true. Why on earth should I take advice from a defeatist bigot like you who is marginally brain damaged, when there are so many articulate people (the authors of the books on Iraq and the producers of the documentaries) to learn from?

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