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Don’t Enlist

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Don’t Enlist : Scott Tipton : 2005-08-30

He is writing about my essay 17 Reasons Not to Enlist.

About your article don’t enlist. First have you been to Iraq or Afganistan? Beacuse if you haven’t why are you going to sit there and tell people this crap?

The issue is not what is going on an Afghanistan or Iraq, but whether Americans have any right or need to be there in the first place. I have spent thousands of hours studying that much more important question. Both the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war had nothing whatsoever to do with protecting the USA. They were both about stealing natural resources.

I presume you are in Iraq. You know what is going on right under your nose, but you have not the time or permission to keep up with the big picture. You have no more first-hand knowledge than I do about what went on in Abu Ghraib.

Also the most important question I have is what do you think we should do about terrorism and 2001-09-11? Nothing?

We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th attacks.
~ George W. Bush (1946-07-06 age:71),, 2003-09-17, audio.
The United States has no credible evidence that Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction [search] into Syria early last year before the U.S.-led war that drove Saddam Hussein from power.
~ Condoleezza Rice (1954-11-14 age:63) National Security Adviser 2004-09-04.

When the 2001-09-11 terrorists were allegedly mostly Saudi, I think the Bush policy of sucking up to Saudi Arabia and invading Iraq who had nothing whatsoever to do with 2001-09-11 is utterly ludicrous. If you read my website, you will see the reasons I believe Bush himself was complicit in 2001-09-11. So what I think should be done is a congressional inquiry and allow the various lawsuits alleging his complicity to play out.

And it makes me sick that you will sit there and openly use freedom of speech against the very people who mean to protect it. I don’t know where you get this misconseption about the military but if it’s from the media and a few stories you heard then you should really find out how it is there. I had a friend who was killed trying to save an infant, in the middle of a firefight he ran into the open grabbed the baby from his mothers dead arms and attempted to bring it back to safety, just to recieve an Iraqi’s RPG (Report Program Generator) in the back for his troubles. So please don’t sit there and think that we are all abunch of adrenaline junkies or war mongers we are fathers, brothers, mothers and daughters. And we follow lawful orders not orders to torture kill or anything else you have claimed.

That soldiers follow only lawful orders is wishful thinking. Remember Mai Lai? You forget Americans have already been convicted of torture in Iraq. You have a situation where young soldiers hold life and death power over the Iraqis. You have high racism. The consequences of abusing Iraqis are minimal. Just as gangs at home enjoy terrorising people, those same people who enlisted in the army play those same sadistic power games abroad.

You surely have heard of the two famous torture camps Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo. Just what lawful thing do you imagine goes on there?

Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-01-15 1968-04-04 age:39)

Then consider the atrocities that Rumsfeld freely admits to, like cluster bombs and napalm.

A soldier protecting you.

You are not protecting me any more that Hitler’s soldiers protected Germany. You are fighting wars of aggression that are making life ever more dangerous for the civilian populations of the western world. Until naïve soldiers like you invaded Iraq on a pretence, it was safe to ride the subway.

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