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Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.


Stretch N B Well : : 2001-06-19

G, eYe always though C.C.ism, stood for      Cosmic Comics.

Hi Roedy…

yesterday, with summer solstice (on a new moon) coming up and near going wangy with all where to go and what to do… and linking the ARTickle about the Cultural creatives thought Id read the Hundredth MonKEY again… and had meself a fine time doing, including learning twas Lyall Watson who first realized it… no wonder he is only one of three of whom I’ve read all their books. First there was Gilbran, then Jane Roberts and Lyall’s… no, I am not a big reader… more of a thinker and tinker with … and then this morning, eh mahn, them Cosmic Comics seem be busy little beavers of late…then again, maybe they have always been that… as befitting to their species, much as on the other hand, have us wish be otterwise, be swim through life… anyways, to make a long long story short…came upon your site at checking out Ken’s…

Roedy, bless you, bless you, for saying so well, what I have trouble with, on the other hand, I come up with such stuff as one does not honour the (war) dead, by learning how to fight.

In reading of your gathering on Quadra, near feel like jumping in the car and heading out… much as I did a couple of years ago, all in all, 3 three week trips and one 3 month trip by car… mostly spend between Denman Island and Ucluelet. Not to mention, there is also the Prophet’s Conference in Victoria at the end of the summer. Like I’d love to. then again, maybe they all would be much to pious for me, safe for Tom Robbins… ah, another I have read, safe for his last one.

If you just show up, I can’t guarantee you any accommodation, but you are welcome to join the workshop. These things tend to bring together beings from all parts of the known universe. What makes it work is the effort everyone makes to follow the law of higher consciousness, Love everyone unconditionally, including yourself. Or as Ken used to say No matter what you say or do, I just go on loving you. If even we can’t do it, how can we expect the rest of the world to?

Roedy, Roedy, Thank you, Thank you… Ken Keyes mentioned in The H.M. that he didn’t know how many millions it would take to have the down to earth, Cosmic Consciousness Cultural Creatives…wow, me thinks we’s just been give the 4 C-isms

Now if that aint enuff for putting a smile on your face, check out and plaster an ear to here smile on your face…you bet, eye got one on mine whose mother lode o vains…eh, have ya noticed… complete with toe tapping music. All those prophets and even Jesus was a man, though in Holland they spell it Jezus… and having been a word splitter (while on the otterhand, a joyner & playner) … playnervz… and Mamma always signing her letters to her sisters in Holland with liefs, je zus…. we naturally did a double take… haven’t read it yet… WAS JEsus Gay… as planting spring in your steps… or gay… as mind you, been wondering about that one myself…hanging around with 12 buddyes as he did… anyways, near floored my mother once with laughter, (from shock I am sure) at stating eye was not going to make me a hero out of some public upstart who got himself hung on the cross (by the cross with him) for being a public nuisance who kept people from their work etc. he obviously had a more than a few ha hallucinations… ha-lucidations? anyways, a buddy of mine, a JAMaiCAN Dub Poet, who does a wonderful Peace on what Heaven is… end it with the world needs a mother… and actually, got it in my head to do that quite some time ago… and considering the tongue in chi-qi shady deal we got on this trip through life…

Who knows, maybe I will be let joyn you on Quadra Island… and if not, I will surely be with you in spirit… and the knowing… yaw weh, yaw weh, yaw weh hew hay… and e’en be known to smoke it too… eh, did eye read you websites? ? ? neat 4 C-ism

Though think we’d ratHer have it read of the Cosmic Comics’ Cultutural Creatives as well as naturally blesstablish (ouch at that one) the chuch of the CaliCoCo CatHolistic CureAll, for any which comes ail us… with visit to the garden and swing, by the seat of our pants, as well we can, on hanging my hammock from the rose or wysteria arbor swing through a bed of herbalites and mother nature’s, basil lemon balm LAVEnder sage, just to name a few, will have us breathe in health and healing… do it by the sea shore and let the saltof the earth in the air, melt away all the mental blocks and burn off… ah Roedy, eye’s so hungry now… like eye got on the comp at 6 and now it near eleven… yes, me thinks eye’ll be coming home this summer… in more ways than one…just as I have been living on COPE, in more ways than one, for most of my life.

Roedy, really like what you say about whales and Timothy McVeigh… and yes, the army’s basic training is…the worst of the worst… brainwashing… if a religious cult pulled a similar stunt… to me the word SOLDier… speaks of having sold your honour… through convoluted dutch interpretations… which eye believe is the language of THE MISSING LINKS… are left, in dutch, as we like to put it.


Glad you had fun at my site. Thanks for the lift, especially that zany music. I get so serious at times, I need to be reminded how ludicrous (from the Latin ludes = game) it all is from the cosmic perspective. For some reason I feel inexplicably happy again after a day of feeling bleak about the planetary ecology. Thanks for writing! You reminded me of my personal connection with Ken.

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