Stepin Fetchit : Gay & Black Glossary

Stepin Fetchit
Stepin Fetchit was a black movie actor who took demeaning movie rôle s portraying blacks as in a racist stereotype way. In a similar way some gays today will primp for the cameras for a fee to demean gays with exaggerated stereotypes. They include people like Ross The Intern Mathews, with his valley girl giggliness, Perez Hilton (campy gossip columnnist), Richard Simmons, camp, petulant, sagging fitness guru, bitchy Devon Soltendiek, Much Music DJ, and to some extent Jay Manuel, the glitter queen makeup artist on America’s Top Model. I don’t think Jay goes out of his way to smear gays like the others do; I suspect he just happens to naturally fit the twittery stereotype.

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