Cited Book: Good News For A Change: How Everyday People are Helping the Planet

book cover recommend book⇒Good News For A Change: How Everyday People are Helping the Planet
by Dr. David Suzuki and Holly Dressell 978-1-55054-926-3 paperback
birth 1936-03-24 age:80 978-0-613-92082-7 hardcover
publisher Greystone 978-1-926685-21-2 eBook
published 2003-08-07 B0029ZAF36 kindle
This book is only peripherally about global warming. I include it because it belies the claim that environmentalists are people who enjoy gloom and doom. Dr. Suzuki is Canada’s most famous environmentalist. This is a book about how even poor powerless people have had some spectacular successes restoring the planet. The good news is that when you take even one step to help, nature takes two. Over and over, restorations have greatly exceeded expectation. The other theme is natural systems are incredibly complex and we humans have tinkered with them with only the most rudimentary understanding. The more we leave them alone, the better they work, in astounding ways. E.g. allowing coyote predators back increases grass growth and hence cattle production.
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