Why the Tories Lost

Why The Tories Lost the Federal Election

This is the rough text of a rant I did on the New VI phone in TV show, Talk TV on 2004-06-29. It is somewhat more polished that the actual off-the-cuff version.

There is something ironic about this election. The news media did a great job of informing the electorate about where the candidates stood on the issues. I have not seen such a good job in the last 45 years. Moe Sihota, Norm Spector and the whole news team at the New VI TV station have to partly take credit for that. The Vancouver Sun did a bang up job too.

Yet we had record low turnouts. This means that those who care passionately got a disproportionately powerful voice. And no one cared more passionately about the outcome of the election than the gays.

They wanted Harper defeated at any cost. It was not his stand on gay marriage. Many would forgive him that. It was his hypocrisy pretending to be for gay rights while opposing gay equality. It was his patronizing and insults with his two red herrings that he would bring up every time the gay marriage issue came up.

The first red herring was child pornography as if gay marriage and child pornography were somehow related. Gays strongly resented the insinuation.

Second he claimed that gay equality threatened the religious freedom of heterosexuals, a bald lie.

Gays move invisibly, so they could quietly stick in an oar and thwart the Tories.

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