Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper

I’m old enough to remember the days of black civil rights. The bigots argued that blacks did not need civil rights. They were equal enough already, separate but equal. Blacks should be kept apart because they were morally inferior to whites.

Now I am hearing analogous bullshit (bleeped) coming from Stephen Harper, leader of the Canadian Federal Conservative party, on the issue of gay civil rights and equality of marriage law for gays.

Harper claims to be for gay rights, but only if gays are not treated equally.

Every time someone tackles him on this issue, he brings up one of two red herrings. The first is child pornography. What on earth has that got to do with gay marriage? What an insult to Canada’s gay citizens to equate these issues! The second is his fear that churches will lose their rights to perform heterosexual marriage ceremonies in the way they see fit. No one has any interest in meddling with church rituals. This is just a diversion, a lie — a scare tactic to appeal to his bigoted constituency. The actual legislation enshrines the right of churches to marry whom they please without interference. Churches have more religious rights than before.

Harper is a not only a phony and a hypocrite, he is a bigot and he leads a party of bigots. Please do not vote for the Conservatives.

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