Fair Trade Chocolate

This Valentine’s Day Try Fair Trade Chocolate

Forget flowers and diamonds. Dark chocolate is the fastest way to a fair maid’s heart and now-a-days it had better be fair trade chocolate.

Why you ask?

Over the last 40 years, the big international cocoa companies have whittled down the amount they pay to the cocoa farmer to $0.02 per chocolate bar.

For growing the cocoa trees, individually picking the almond-size beans, fending off snakes and fermenting the chocolate, a Ghana grower makes about $0.50 a day.

That is marginally above slave labour.

Women naturally identify, yet they still want their chocolate. When you buy fair trade chocolate, it is like giving the grower a 15% tip.

In return, you get ultra-rich, organic, top-quality chocolate. There are many brands of fair trade chocolate available. So this Valentine’s day, give it a whirl. It is addictively delicious and you look come across as sensitive and caring guy.

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